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Algorithmic Analytic and Principal Strategies
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Providing Algorithmic Execution Infrastructure
to Reduce Risk and Enhance Alpha Generation
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2013 Global Volatility Forecast

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HFT Challenge to Asia

High Frequency Trading has both been a star and challenge in the equity markets. Backtesting and compliance are essential...

Big Data for Emerging Market

Global financial institutions are looking for opportunity to harness the power of big data for deep dive values.

Products & Services
Algorithmic Execution

Strategies such as VWAP,TWAP, implementaton Shortfall and more.

Data Services

Data feed for news, social media sentiment and derived volatility and correlation data is available.

Research Services

Customized Pair Trading and Volatility Research reports and feeds are available.

Analytic Services

Pricing analytics, Derivatives analytics, Customer Analytics and many more are available.

Our Capabilities
Consulting Services

Risksis provides state-of-the-art analytic and consulting services for individuals and institutions

Algorithmic Trading Research

We help our clients to participate the market with minimum market impact, maximizing execution quality, enhancing performance versus benchmarks

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Our pleasure to give you a free demo and first-time technical consultation.

Please call us at (852) 60516869 to our business consultant or email us at .

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