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Algorithmic Analytic and Principal Strategies
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Providing algorithmic execution service and analytic service
to streamline your trading needs
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Algorithmic Trading Services

Risksis Execution Services (RES) provides state-of-the-art suite of algorithmic trading strategies, tools, analytics to help institutions and hedge funds to participate the market with minimum market impact, maximizing execution quality, enhancing performance versus benchmarks, and adding automation and interactivity to their trading process.

We currently focus on the Asia-Pacific markets. Our team works round-the-clock. Algorithms are customized for each markets by experienced traders who understand the micro-structure of each market.

The Risksis Algo team is dedicated to a philosophy of constant improvement and innovation. Our product continues to evolve as new trends develop in the marketplace and as our research teams discover more effective trading techniques.

With the blend of Big Data technology, Risksis Algo product suite has evolved from simple automation tools into full-fledged research and execution strategies.

Key Advantages

High Performance Complex Event Processing
We deploy CPU-optimized computation, complex event handing and big data clustering technology for high speed and low latency data retrieval.

Big Data Analytic Research
We harness the power of Big Data Map-reduce computation to data mine investment and highly-probable arbitrage opportunities.

We employ sophisticated anti-gaming techniques in our execution strategies to keep high level of secrecy of our client order flow. The anonymity of your flow in the marketplace reduce client's information leakage.

Our consultants can build or customize any Algorithm to fit your trading style, risk profile, and workflow.

Our infrastructure is designed for low latency and high frequency trading. Easy integration to all order management system and risk management system in the market.

Ensure you know exactly what our algorithms plan to do and what to do, and that allows you to monitor progress in real time:

Our Capabilities
Consulting Services

Risksis provides state-of-the-art analytic and consulting services for individuals and institutions

Algorithmic Trading Research

We help our clients to participate the market with minimum market impact, maximizing execution quality, enhancing performance versus benchmarks

Contact Us Now!

Our pleasure to give you a free demo and first-time technical consultation.

Please call us at (852) 60516869 to our business consultant or email us at .

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