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Algorithmic Analytic and Principal Strategies
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Research > Basic Algorithmic Research

Basic Algorithmic Research

Our algorithmic trading strategy are based on sophisticated mathematical models. A team of statisticians and financial practitioners continuously improves the models and creates news ones. Our models evolve as financial markets are interacted in a dynamic ecosystem. Our modeling approach keep tracks of the statistical estimation error and re-calibrate and optimize real time. The parameters of the models are calibrated by terabyte of day-to-day global market tick-data .

Market Micro-structure tuning are incorporated by our experienced traders to adapt the variations across asset classes and regions.

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Basic Algorithmic Template

We have a set of off-the-shelf algorithmic strategy templates such as VWAP, TWAP, Implementation Shortfall, Sniper for further customization.

  Customized Algorithm

We have a team of quantitative developers and researcher to help you customizing the best go-to-market algorithm.

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Risksis provides state-of-the-art analytic and consulting services for individuals and institutions

Algorithmic Trading Research

We help our clients to participate the market with minimum market impact, maximizing execution quality, enhancing performance versus benchmarks

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