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Algorithmic Analytic and Principal Strategies
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Big Data Business Intelligence

Making Investment Insight Relevant by Big Data

Big Data's value can be unleashed for portfolio managers by condensing it and intelligently presenting only what is relevant and contextual to the market. For example, a trader or a portfolio manager might be interested in validating the analytic insights or exploring further investment opportunities. In certain circumstances, he may need to investigate the raw data more details. Without a proper data visualization architecture, the investigation process would be challenging, time-consuming, and much less productive.

Key Advantages

Interactive Data Visualization
Drag-and-drop for correlation analysis. Flexible charts, graphs, maps, tables, shapes, heatmap are available.


Big Data Mining Research Possible
Petabyte size of securities tick data is not normally a big challenge for back-testing and trade signals research. With Risksis solution, big data architecture can be materialize and get in-depth data mining in low-cost clustering servers.


Unstructured Event-Driven Research
Before big data text analytic technology, event-driven trading strategy is very limited. Even highest performance commercial RDBMS cannot text mining the signal effectively. Risksis is the pioneer to use big data technology to unveil unstructured market data for alpha generation.


Multi-dimensional Risk Management Dashboard
Positions, Risk metrics and Key Performance Indicators can be easily defined in multiple dimensions. Options volatility risk, VaR, interest rate stressing can be visualized in the most interactive management dashboard.

Our Capabilities
Consulting Services

Risksis provides state-of-the-art analytic and consulting services for individuals and institutions

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