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Algorithmic Analytic and Principal Strategies
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We provide financial information services and technology
with Big Data Intelligence and analytic
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About Us

Risksis is a financial information services company that focuses on data intelligence and analytic by using Big Data technologies. The company provides independent data, valuations and algorithmic trading engine across all asset classes in order to enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

About Data Products

We have both internal and external data services. Our external data are licensed from our global partners. Our internal data are calculated or derived data from the public.

  About Analytic Service

We have wide spectrum of experts coming from wall street practitioners, statisticians and academic mathematicians. We have developed a complete framework of analytic to serve our clients.

Our Capabilities
Consulting Services

Risksis provides state-of-the-art analytic and consulting services for individuals and institutions

Algorithmic Trading Research

We help our clients to participate the market with minimum market impact, maximizing execution quality, enhancing performance versus benchmarks

Contact Us Now!

Our pleasure to give you a free demo and first-time technical consultation.

Please call us at (852) 60516869 to our business consultant or email us at .

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